Given that

- in the Middle Ages, and especially in the 12th century, the Church achieved a great intellectual, spiritual and cultural hegemony of the Western world, thanks to the work of rediscovery of classical culture of the ancient greek and roman world. It was determinant in this regard the work of monasteries and monks especially the contact between Europe and the Arab world. Several members of the clergy began to hold lectiones magistrales, which discussed mainly of Aristotelian philosophy, the most systematized knowledge of antiquity. This phenomenon spread quickly in Europe, gaining soon the character of real assembly meetings, so popular that soon demanded a more rational organization. These came therefore regularly and protected by imperial bulls.

Considering that

- in 1158, Frederick Barbarossa promulgates the constitutio "Authentica Habita", and following the university becomes a place where the research could develop independently of all other powers. The term university, designates a precise model of education originated in the Middle Ages. The present writer, possesses scientific ideals of aggregation, initiate, representing it, a Catholic scientific education center - inspired by the Catholic Church, free and independent, named "Catholic University" Joseph Pulitzer" Budapest", based in Budapest (which has the motto age quod agis and the symbol of which attached document), with the subsequent formation of statute, with the attribution of general studies as it had been expected by Pope Gregory XI in 1377, with the purpose of spreading in the world the literary and scientific culture, the research, the training. The use of the name Joseph Pulitzer is in memory of the journalist and publisher born in Hungary, who more than any other, in the past and present in the world, has been able to give prominence to the value of divulging.

Budapest, on 7 September 2015
In witness whereof

Michele Morenghi




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